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We believe in continuous improvement towards perfection and are always experimenting new ideas and recipes. We value the characters of cacao beans from different origins and work hard to highlight them in our chocolate. Fresh, delicious, organic, ethically sourced, minimal processing – these are our promise to you.

Pure chocolate for pure love

How we make chocolate


Our chocolate is handcrafted from premium quality cacao beans sourced through trusted, fair trade, environmentally conscious supply chain partners. Traceability and transparency are at the core of our values. Our ingredients can be traced all the way to where they are harvested or produced, and our manufacturing process is transparent. We are Ecole Chocolat Certified Chocolate Maker.

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高品質の焼き菓子用原材料をお求めの方あるいは、カフェ、レストラン、食料品店など、Little Owl Chocolate とのお取引にご興味がおありでしたらお気軽にご連絡くださいませ。

Whether you are a pastry chef looking for high-quality baking ingredients, or a cafe, a restaurant or a food retailer hoping to share our chocolate with your fellow customers, we value your interest in us and welcome collaboration opportunities. Please drop us a message.